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Our team is rapidly expanding, and we’re looking for people who aren't afraid to take on new challenges, and are as passionate about improving human health as we are. We're located in New York City, and have a great work environment based out of a beautiful office in New Lab.

Job Openings


Ability to model quantitative phenotypes in the context of human health using large scale biomedical datasets.

Job Description

Data Scientist

Experience using machine learning approaches to analyze large scale biomedical data and mine scientific literature.

Job Description

Statistical Geneticist

Expertise using statistical genetics to identify trait-associated variants in large cohorts with sequencing derived genotype data.

Job Description

Population Geneticist

Experience inferring patterns of population structure and demographic history, estimating patterns of relatedness, and detecting loci under selection.

Job Description

Don't see a fit? No worries! We're always looking for passionate and talented people, so send us an email.