Our research is powered by a global network of partners.

We’re focused on working with underrepresented populations where there is the greatest potential for novel discovery. If you are a researcher seeking to genotype a population that is underrepresented in genetic studies, please contact us, we’d like to partner with you.

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Who we partner with

We form research collaborations with communities, academics, healthcare professionals, hospitals, and biobanks to carry out genetic studies.


What we partner on

We’re searching for individuals, families, or populations with unique health traits and a genetic architecture that facilitates discovery. This could result from belonging to isolated or founder populations, or those with high rates of marriage within families.

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How we partner

Variant Bio can provide funds for cohort recruitment, phenotyping, and sequencing. We can also contribute our deep analytical expertise to projects. Our partnerships are structured fairly and are focused on local benefits and capacity building. We co-design the studies with local researchers and communities around scientific questions relevant to all parties. Our academic collaborators are encouraged to share their findings with the scientific and local community.