People-Driven Therapeutics

Exceptional Traits Among Us

Variant Bio is developing therapies that will improve global health by studying the genes of people with exceptional health-related traits. These examples are just some of the studies that have inspired us.

Our Approach

A New Paradigm

Indigenous thought leader, Dr. Keolu Fox, discusses the importance of benefit sharing in genomics research and Variant Bio’s unique approach.


Technology Powered


From Genomes to Targets


Improving Global Health

Modern Genomics

We’re using cutting-edge sequencing technology, deep phenotyping, and statistical genetics to identify entirely new therapeutic targets.

The Science


At Variant Bio, ethics is a priority, and we ensure that our partners benefit from working with us.

Our Mission
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Partner with

We partner with organizations that work with underrepresented populations, and underrepresented populations themselves, where genetic data would provide the greatest potential for new discovery.

Our Partners

Meet Our CEO

Andrew explains how we are innovating genomic research through benefit-sharing and transparency.

Get to Know Andrew
Andrew Farnum, CEO, Variant Bio Andrew Farnum, CEO, Variant Bio

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Our team is rapidly expanding. We’re looking for people who aren't afraid to take on new challenges, and are as passionate about improving human health as we are.