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Exceptional traits among us

Variant Bio is developing life-saving therapies by studying the genes of people with exceptional health-related traits.

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Human genetics has the power to transform drug development

Drug development has become increasingly difficult due to high costs and failure rates. Insights from human genetics can identify the molecular basis of disease and more than double the success rate of clinical trials.

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A cross-disciplinary team committed to making a difference

Our team has expertise spanning genetics, drug discovery and development, molecular biology, anthropology, and ethics. We started Variant Bio because we share the belief that ethically-grounded human genomics research has the power to transform drug development.

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At Variant Bio, ethics is a priority, not an afterthought

We are committed to working in a way that respects the privacy, beliefs, cultures, and data of the populations we partner with. We recognize the contribution of partner communities through unique benefit-sharing programs.

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We are at the cutting edge of genomic drug discovery.

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