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Core Values

What guides us

Our mission is to leverage the power of human genetic diversity to develop life-saving therapies.

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Core Values

Integrity & Ethics

We always act with integrity and pride ourselves on doing the right thing by partner communities, collaborators, and patients.


We have a bias for action because our mission to develop life-saving therapies can’t wait.

Data Driven

We embrace new data, even the unexpected, and adjust accordingly.


We make our work as transparent as possible to cultivate trust with our global partners.

Top Talent

We are hyper-focused on attracting and retaining top talent by making Variant Bio an incredible place to work.
We expect exceptional performance.


We thrive by valuing internal diverse perspectives and those of partner communities around the world.


We prioritize long-term value creation and impact over short-term goals.
We always make decisions and use company resources in the service of our mission.

We are at the cutting edge of genomic drug discovery.

Careers at Variant Bio