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About Us

Who we are

At Variant Bio our mission is to leverage the power of human genetic diversity to develop life-saving therapies. We are dedicated to strong ethics, benefit sharing, and improving health around the world.

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Passionate experts

Our team has a passion for collaborative research, and expertise spanning genetics, drug discovery and development, molecular biology, anthropology, and ethics. We started Variant Bio because we share the belief that human genomics has the power to transform drug development.

Meet the team

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A unique ethical approach

We are a mission-driven company, dedicated to strong ethics, benefit sharing, and improving health around the world. Our research model is based on respect for the people and communities we work with.

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The Variant Bio Standley Fellowship

The Variant Bio Standley Fellowship is a chance for highly talented individuals to work with the company to form partnerships with populations with specific health-related traits and analyze genomic data.

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We are at the cutting edge of genomic drug discovery.

Careers at Variant Bio