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Our Work

Human genetics has the power to transform drug development

There is a pressing need for new ways to treat disease, but drug development has become increasingly difficult due to high costs and failure rates. Insights from human genetics allow us to identify the basis and resistance of disease, making an ideal match for drug discovery.


Global Partnership Network

Genetic studies are only as informative as the people in them. Variant Bio combines anthropology, epidemiology, and genetics to identify relevant groups to partner with. We focus on exceptional health-related traits and populations with rare genetic variants that rise to high frequency.


Technology Powered

Using innovative mid- and high-pass whole-genome sequencing alongside custom algorithms, we can reduce costs without sacrificing data quality. Our approach is better suited to identify novel and population-specific genetic variants than genotyping arrays, and captures much more of the genome than exome-sequencing.


From Genomics to Targets

We use cutting edge population genetics powered analytical methods that have not been previously applied to drug discovery. These methods are supported by our strong statistical genetics platform, deep phenotyping, and multiomic data spanning transcriptomics, metabolomics, and proteomics.


Improving Health Globally

We focus on therapeutic areas with global markets and unmet need where our platform and data can provide unique insights. These include but are not limited to kidney, liver, metabolic, and inflammatory diseases.

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Our research is powered by a global network of partners

We’re focused on working with populations and cohorts that have never before participated in genomic research at scale, allowing us access to data with the greatest potential for novel discovery.

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Research & Development

Studies are powered to identify broad disease-relevant phenotypes, with particular focus on fibrotic, inflammatory, liver, and kidney diseases. Targets with strong human genetics are at the foundation of our biology and drug discovery pipeline.

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