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About Us

Meet the people behind Variant Bio

Our team's expertise spans genetics, molecular biology, therapeutics, anthropology, and ethics. We are united in the belief that human genomics has the power to transform drug development.

Team photo with all Variant Bio staff at a retreat. All fifty people looking at the camera, smiling

David Moller, MD

Chief Scientific Officer

Headshot of David Powell

David Powell, PhD

VP, Therapeutics Discovery

Headshot of Heather Arnett

Heather Arnett, PhD

VP, Research

Headshot of Carole Smith

Carole Smith

Discovery Biology

Chin-Wen (RC) Lai

Discovery Biology

Headshot of a man with a light blue button-up shirt.

David Purdy


Headshot of Konstantin Deutsch

Konstantin Deutsch, MD, PhD

Discovery Research

Leah Rommereim

Assay Development

Headshot of Luan Phan

Luan Phan

Functional Genomics

Headshot of Mayank Tandon

Mayank Tandon, PhD

Computational Biology

Headshot of Oscar Sias

Oscar Sias

Discovery Research

Rachel Eguia

Discovery Biology

Staff headshot of a man

Todd Meyer, PhD

Medicinal Chemistry

Headshot of Yan Hao

Yan Hao, PhD

Functional Genomics

Headshot of Yvette Latchman

Yvette Latchman, PhD

Discovery Research

Our Investors

Join a drug discovery company grounded in ethics

Careers at Variant Bio